The Orthotics Process in Vancouver, Surrey, Chilliwack & Prince George

Introduction & Consultation

Your orthotics process starts by making an appointment to meet our qualified Orthotists. To book your appointment call us toll free at: +1-800-205-8171.


At your appointment your Orthotist will take your through our complete assessment process. We will ask questions like:

  • Lifestyle
  • Medical history

As well as examining:

  • The condition of your skin
  • Sensation
  • Muscle strength
  • Joint range of motion
  • Balance
  • Walking

This will help us create the best treatment plan for you!

Shape Capture & Orthotic Design

Your custom-made orthotic will be unique to you. Your Orthotist creates it based on their assessment findings and the prescription instructions from your health care professional.

At Pentland’s we cast using different methods depending on your needs. We offer:

  • Digital scanning
  • Plaster bandage
  • Foam box impressions
  • Slipper Casting
  • Fiberglass bandage for shape capture

Your cast moves your affected body part into a corrected position. It is then removed as it is hardening, which can take a few minutes. Next, we fill it with liquid plaster and fine tune the plaster cast before production.


Your orthotic or brace will be ready in 2-3 weeks after your appointment. When you pick up your new orthotic your orthotist will make sure it fits properly before you take it home. After everything is in working order, you will receive ‘Wear and Care’ instructions and book follow-up appointments.


In some cases, adjustments to your new orthotic may be required. If your orthotic or brace is not fitting after a 2-week period, we recommend you schedule a follow-up appointment. All adjustments on in-house custom-made orthotics and braces are covered under our 90-day warranty.


If you have any questions or concerns about your new orthotic or brace, contact us to schedule an appoint to have it checked. We can refurbish and repair older devices as well.