The Prosthetics Process in Vancouver, Surrey & Surrounding Areas

Introduction & Consultation

Your prosthetics process starts by making an appointment to meet our Prosthetists. To book your appointment call us toll free at: +1-800-205-8171

Whether you have lost your limb recently, or are considering an elective surgery, call us to help you with any unanswered questions you may have.


During your appointment we will take you through a full assessment. We will ask you about your:

  • Lifestyle
  • Medical History

As well as examining:

  • Condition of your skin
  • Muscle strength
  • Joint ranger of motion
  • Balance
  • Potential to ambulate (walk)

This helps us determine the best course of treatment.

Shape Capture & Prosthesis Design

Prostheses must be an exact fit, to ensure this we take a series of measurements and then do an impression of your limb.

We have a variety of casting methods, which include:

  • Plaster Bandage
  • Scotch Cast
  • Silicon
  • Geltrate

Your cast is then modified to fit you comfortably.


During the first fitting we use a diagnostic socket, which is a connection point between your prosthesis and body. The socket is clear to ensure the best fit and is easy to modify.

Trial Period & Adjustments

To ensure a comfortable and functional fit, your prosthesis goes through multiple adjustments and a trial period. The trial period can last up to a few weeks to a few months, and after it is complete we finalize your prosthetic.

Final Finishing

Your finished prosthesis is fully customizable, with a huge range of options available. We will work with you to design something that is unique to you!

Follow Ups

To ensure the best fit for your prosthesis, ongoing adjustments are necessary. If you experience any discomfort with your prosthetic, or have any further questions, call us to make an appointment for a follow up: +1-800-205-8171