Thanks to the early establishment of our company, Pentland’s has been able to pass on a wealth of knowledge and experience from one generation to the next. We focus on developing new techniques, while retaining skills in traditional techniques which are no longer taught or regularly practiced. As a result, our talented team are able to craft exactly the prosthesis or orthosis you are looking for.

Our clinical team continually attend seminars and conferences to ensure that we are up-to-date on the latest developments in prosthetic and orthotic treatments. We experiment with the latest materials and techniques to create new techniques which grow our industry. This includes complex custom-made devices, carbon fibre AFOs, new laminating materials and different ways to customize socket colour and patterns. We use our knowledge and experience to fit the newest products, such as the Unity® Vacuum System, Genium, C-Leg and RHEO® microprocessor knees, be-bionic and i-LIMB myoelectric upper extremity terminal devices, and the DynamicArm, to ensure your prosthesis or orthosis is structurally sound and looks exactly the way you want.

With an eye toward the growing trend in using scientific evidence to determine appropriate treatment options, Pentland’s uses objective measures to document patient progress over time. We use the self-report measures, as well as the LASAR Alignment Tool, video-assisted gait analysis and temporal spatial measurement devices. This allows us to objectively compare the effects of various treatments and to justify the use of these treatments to funding agencies.

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